Ecological Services

CP Tree Services specialise in ecological services. We provide our services to both domestic and commercial customers across Devon. Employing an expert in ecological services in essential where development is proposed in areas where habitats of protected species are present. If you need professional advice relating protected wildlife then call us on 07768 857070.

Protecting Wildlife

We share our environment with many species of wildlife that are protected by both UK and European conservation acts. It is an offence to disturb, injure, capture or kill any species that is protected by a conservations act. As a result, where construction and development is concerned, it is important that construction teams and developers do everything they can to minimise disrupting the habitats of protected species. Protected species include bats, great crested newts, otters, badgers, reptiles and wild birds to mane a few.

We offer a wealth of knowledge on ecological issues and are here to offer consultation services including surveys and reports.

Ecological Fencing

Ecological fencing is incorporated into a plan to manage protected species on a development site where habitats of protected wildlife are present. If it is suspected that habitats of protected species are present then site developers are required to undertake habitat surveys. It may also and extended protected species surveys. Ecological fencing is incorporated into mitigation proposals to manage the population of a protected species on or near a proposed development site. Species include water voles, dormice, newts, snakes, and other species of reptile.

Eco fencing helps to ensure that protected wildlife is carefully managed. It allows species to be removed or relocated from the development site while construction takes place. Once the development is completed the wildlife can be rehomed on site if appropriate environmental factors are met.

Contact us for ecological services

To speak to us about the ecological services we offer, please contact us on  07768 857070. Our knowledgeable team will be able to offer advice and arrange a consultation or site survey at a time to suit you.

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